Call your doctor immediately if your newborn baby:

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Further, it is widely recognized that emergency rooms are the most inefficient and costly places to receive primary care. Approximately 80-85% of the 100 million ER visits each year are not necessary to save life or limb. When a patient does reach the emergency room, studies have shown that they receive tests and procedures which can easily be accomplished by Call Doctor physicians in the home.

Recognized value
Acceptance of the Call Doctor concept is affirmed through coverage under Medicare, private insurance, and Workers Compensation insurance. Last January, the Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) approved a doubling of maximum reimbursement for urgent housecalls. Another significant change is the allowance for the first time of nurse practitioners to make housecalls.

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  • The future of Health Care, Amazing!! No more dealing with answering services, staying on hold, vague messages. No more risking patients’ Lives and My license by taking calls with a group and not knowing anything about the calling patient. records are integrated in you iPhone application. I believe this will be the one and only way doctors will handle phone calls in the future. True, better quality of life for us , savings and accuracy . Bravo!!
      -   Melinda Chavez, M.D
  • I stumbled across Call My Doc one day when I was browsing the internet, devastated with the prices our practice pay for traditional answering services. I found more than what I ever expected, A brilliant invention! I can see my patients records integrated in Call My doc platform, easy electronic prescriptions through my phone application, offering scheduling outside business hours, leaves automated records and claim of the phone interaction in the patient records, no guessing game about what medicine or allergies or medications interactions that might happen with the patient. Convenient, fast, reliable and much cheaper. Overall Awesome!
      -   Roger Williams,M.D

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Call Doctor is the solution for the daunting problems which plague federal government and healthcare payors. Among these are over-utilization of ambulances, high emergency room costs. Government reports note that hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted each year just on medically unnecessary transportation. By the end of 1999, newly enacted legislation will restrict Medicare patients from using this “free” transportation to the emergency room.

Fully utilizing advances in technology and medicine, Call Doctor physicians can effectively diagnose and treat most medical problems in the comfort of the patient’s home. Capabilities cover a wide range of treatments from setting broken bones to caring for chronic conditions, from flu symptoms to food poisoning. Equally important, Call Doctor improves quality of life for our patients, while reducing overall costs for the healthcare industry.