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If you are buying amateur boxing gloves, then you are only likely to use them on punching equipment. They are relatively expensive compared to other types of boxing gloves on the market, but they are generally top quality. On a final note, a good coach in a boxing club will not let you use amateur boxing gloves during sparring; they are only 10oz and do not afford the level of protection for a boxer who may spar 15 to 18 rounds per week. This is worth noting!

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Pro boxing gloves are available in 8oz or 10oz, with the latter being far more prevalent in modern boxing. The key design characteristic of pro boxing gloves is that the weight/padding tends to be more evenly distributed around the glove and the wrist section of the glove tends to be longer. This results in a thinner glove at the knuckle section. The main result of this design is that the potential for a knockout during a professional boxing match is greater than during an amateur boxing match (accepting that pro boxers generally hit harder than the amateurs anyway).

if you are a professional fighter then you will know that the boxing gloves are supplied for your fights by the promoter. This all means that if you pay for gloves marketed as pro boxing gloves, you are in effect buying boxing gloves that you will use only on punching equipment.

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AIBA approved amateur boxing gloves have on the wristband a small silver holographic sticker which shows that they are indeed AIBA approved. If you intend to buy amateur boxing gloves with the intention of competing in them, then you should be aware that you are unlikely to be allowed to wear them by the boxing association officials, either at a club show or at a tournament. As with professional boxing matches, the organiser of the boxing event supplies the AIBA-approved gloves.

As women’s boxing becomes more popular, manufacturers are coming out with boxing equipment better suited to a women’s body. The most important piece of boxing equipment is the boxing glove. Gloves protect the hands from common boxing injuries. Since a third of all boxing injuries occur in the hands, buying boxing gloves that are made to fit a woman’s hand is important for all women who enjoy the sport. This guide provides information on the different types of boxing gloves available for women, important features of modern gloves, how to get fitted for gloves, and how to find online.