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Robot action figures, especially from popular brands such as Transformers, are highly collectible and can command high prices on the secondary market. There are many factors to consider when one intends to buy robot action figures as collectible.

Military action figures have been popular with both children and adults for centuries. Modern action figures evolved from the traditional toy soldier figurines used as toys and in war rooms in ancient cultures. During the early 19th century, military action figures were standardized into small lead forms and distributed worldwide. In the mid 20th century, toy manufacturers took advantage of new manufactured plastics in order to create sturdy, lifelike toys. Shoppers who are interested in buying military action figures will find a wide selection of these items offered by sellers on eBay.

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The action figure I want most in the world is that of Multiple Man, . But truth be told, Multiple Man has had a few figures and collectibles (and I own them all). But he’s an honorable mention because all of those figures are crap! Pure crap! , but for some insane reason, Multiple Man has never been given a proper, well-made action figure. The guy’s super-power is to create duplicates of himself! That means everybody will buy multiple action figures to recreate his powers! Which means more sales!! Why do I have to be the one to spell this out for toy manufacturers?!

I buy action figures because I like owning memorabilia of my favorite characters, be they superheroes, video game stars, cartoon characters or whatever floats my boat that day. Earlier this week, I splurged on action figures from the current Ninja Turtles cartoons, because those are two characters I’ve really come to appreciate in the past few years, and I didn’t own any figures of them (plus I love that cartoon). This year my goals are to get action figures for , and from The Walking Dead video games. All it takes is a little extra cash and a misguided interest in not paying my bills that week.