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Of course, we’re parenting in the Pinterest age, and that will lead you to believe you need to fill your home floor to ceiling with balloons the night before your child’s birthday. It is fun to wake up to balloons, but we’ll take it down a few notches from that. A bunch of balloons or a simple Happy Birthday poster from the siblings hung on the back of their bedroom door is a great way to feel the love first thing on your birthday.

Take a dog that just loves to pop balloons. Put a camera on him while he does it. Put that dog in a familiar looking maze with a bunch of white balloons.

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Bunch of Balloons
Available Yes
Type Hand Item
Member item Yes/No
Party None
Cost 150 coins
Where found Penguin Style
Item ID 5112
Unlockable Yes

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Wails echoed under the roof of the open-sided tent asPompilli read aloud the names of the 242 people killed in the towns of Amatriceand Accumoli at the start of the service. And the crowd erupted in applause - acommon gesture at Italian funerals - when a bunch of white balloons wasreleased at the end of the service.

But the mall construction continued, and the structure developed (literally) around Macefield’s tiny cottage. In 2009, around the time Disney’s Up (an animated film about an old man, who was facing similar dilemmas in his neighborhood) was released, publicists attached a bunch of balloons to the roof Macefield’s house, as a symbolic gesture. Today the house still stands, surrounded by a towering mall on all three sides.