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Brio Expansion Pack Intermediate


Do you remember playing with those wooden Brio train tracks as a kid

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A set of Brio toy train tracks and trains. This set of twenty-eight interlocking wooden tracks includes several curves, inclines, splitters, a bridge, a train station, and more. This set also includes three wooden trains that link magnetically.

BRIO BRIO Wooden Train Track Lifting Bridge

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    This is a Brio fixed train track, well used but still has loads of life left in it and still in really good condition. Is 70cm by 70cm.
  • BRIO BRIO Train Track 16-piece Expansion Pack

    BRIO railway tracks are made with sturdy beech wood, ensuring that they’ll last for many, many, many hours of play for your little engineer. The BRIO Wooden Train Track Lifting Bridge set is compatible with the rest of the BRIO Wooden Railway system, so add it in and get ready to roll! For ages 3 and up.

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