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I had upgraded my barbed wire to level 5 which you can see in the second screenshot but when i got attacked, the level was not shown in the battle report....Is this simply a visual glitch or was my upgraded boxing stats not taken into account at all. Please reply.

Pacquiao-Bradley continuation.. The world was shocked when Bradley won the match. Watching Bradley slammed as PACMAN spun heavy throws – was sensational. According to boxing stats, PACMAN landed 253 punches to 159 for Bradley. How come Bradley won when all he did was to run away and embrace?

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Some boxing stats are simply amazing to note. A fight with eight total knockdowns, like Tommy Coyle vs. Daniel Brizuela, is a fight you want to make sure you see on video.

Though not as blatant as other disputable results, Britain’s Joe Joyce could only claim silver after his final against Tony Yoka of France. Compubox stats showed that Joyce landed more punches in every category and every round, despite Yoka’s slick counter-punching seemingly convincing the judges he had done enough. Filip Hrgović of and Ivan Dychko of Kazakhstan were the defeated semi-finalists.