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Comments about Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Set:

The bright coloured Bowling set is great fun for your baby - each of the soft pins have a jingle or a rattle and the little ball has a squeak. Your baby will get hours of entertainment out of the bowling set.

SET UP A BOWLING ALLEY RIGHT IN YOUR GYM! We’ve taken 3 of our most popular bowling items and combined them into a set that gives you all the equipment you need for 2 games of bowling. The set includes 2 weighted foam bowling sets (W11790), 2 plastic bowling lanes (W11716), and 2 bowling backstops (W12592).

Comments about Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Set:

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  • Comments about Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Set:

    Backyard Bowling Set. One day you see your neighbors playing bowling in their backyard and you do a double take. "How is that possible?" you ask. Don't fret, we've got you covered with our Backyard Bowling Set! It works by filling up the plastic bowling pins and balls with water or sand, and just like that you have a bowling alley right in your own backyard! Set includes six 10 1/2" bowling pins, two 3 1/2" balls, two funnels for pouring sand or water, and 12 plugs.

    This toy was a big hit Christmas morning. It’s a really great quality rubber foam bowling set, nothing like those plastic, flimsy ones we had as kids. Perfect for apartment living, these practically full-sized pins don’t make a crash when they fall, yet the ball is heavy enough to feel like a real bowling game is being played (with marbled design and finger holes too!). Packaged up nicely in a storage bag so you can keep things neat and tidy between bowling sessions. It’s been a favorite around our house!