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Big Time Toys Socker Bopper (Colors May Vary)


I didn't enjoy Sockem Boppers very much.

When I was younger my house was always chaos, mostly because I had six other siblings. Of the five girls in my family (fours sisters, two brothers, plus me equals seven), I was always labeled the tom boy and playing rough came with the title. Because of my love for rowdy play and wrestling, I remember receiving one of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time, the Sock’em Boppers!

On May 20, 1979, the Boppers battled the in Harlem, and emerged victorious. The Boppers' victory was later reported by the on the gang radio station.

Yay! You're now following socker boppers in your .

  • teenybopper (1960s+)
  • Socker Boppers lasted less than a day in my house! (LoL)

    In the end, I am simply arguing that while television, video games, and other technology may have some violent affect on the nature of children; let’s not forget that playing outside with a pair of Sock’em Boppers can force children to think and act just as violent. Rowdiness and aggression is many times an inherent nature of some children, and ultimately as a child, how they release that inherent nature of rowdiness lies in their own hands, with slight parental supervision of course.

    Several more groups of Boppers were defeated by Cochise and Snow as they made their way to The Black Cat; at the strip club, Cochise and Snow paid a performer named Debbie until she revealed that Moe was attending a party at Club 45. Cochise and Snow made their way to the club, where they used Debbie's pass to get into the party. In the club, Cochise and Snow confronted Big Moe, who challenged them to a battle on the dance floor. Eventually, Moe was defeated by Cochise and Snow, who also took his size nine hat.