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This child-sized beanbag chair has a wipe-clean cover and a stitch-closed zipper to hold the polystyrene beads inside. This blue beanbag chair will fit in any sized room. Give your little one a fun place to sit and relax when reading or playing. With the measures of 35-1/2″ W. x 31-1/4″ H, I would recommend it for your kids 3 years old and up. So making a smart choice for choosing the best Bean Bag this item should not look over!

It’s a lot more than that, actually. The physical and mental activity that comes with stepping up to the line and standing tall, sizing up the approximate 15 foot distance to the tilted target board and pitching that blue bean bag is great for strength, balance and range of motion — especially for elderly people who need gentle but consistent exercise. If you get on base, you go and sit in the appropriate chair; if you’re advanced to the next base, you move to the next seat. If you score a homer, you might celebrate by wiggling your hips in a silly, self-congratulatory samba, the way 76-year-old Richard Welch did. “I love this game,” he said.

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There’s the windup — and the pitch. The blue bean bag tumbles through the air and plops directly into the “Home run” hole. The crowd erupts in hollers and applause, activity director and team coach Kathi Walko hoots through a big white megaphone, and one gray-haired champion pumps her fist in the air.

Our blue bean bags come in various shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a small kids bean bag or a large adult bean bag, we are certain to have the blue bean bag that you are looking for. Be sure to check back with us frequently as our offering of blue bean bags is constantly growing!