Hot Wheels Tearin' across a Blu Track Bridge over a River of Lava!!

BluTrack Starter Set Toy Racetrack


BluTrack: We make the track, you make the fun!

They'll love designing BluTrack from the start... and then they'll race their cars from mantle height. There are sky-high ramps and many loop-da-loops to be created with BluTrack!

The design of BluTrack is determined by the children or family - and, always reliable, gravity! Add matchbox cars or any small cars to BluTrack, and the racing fun is on!

What we do: Set up COOL Blu Track & Hot Wheels Layouts

  • Company: BluTrack
  • What we do: Set up COOL Blu Track & Hot Wheels Layouts

    18 Continuous coil of flexible 2 lane race track. Includes adaptable hanger system allowing quick easy setup almost anywhere indoors or outdoors. Plenty of track to set up as many configurations as you can dream up. You can do more with one 18 length of BluTrack than you can with several sets of other traditional systems

    Flexible, durable BluTrack allows for simple races, multiple loops, hills, ramps and curves. With 24 feet of track, 8 ramps and all the accessories you need to keep your designs stable, you're ready! You're able!