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Mongoose Kid's Air Tire Scooter, Grey


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The Carthage Police Department says over the last couple of weeks, more than a dozen bikes and scooters have been stolen. The thefts usually occur at night. Most of the bikes are not locked up and just left in the yard.

As the new school year approaches, parents are considering ways for their children to commute to school via bike or scooter. Both modes of transport have their advantages, but which is best for your child? Here are some observations about scooters vs bikes, to help you decide the pros and cons of each:

Jetson Bike Electric Scooter Review

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10-14-2010, 07:06 PM
Price Hicks
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I just test rode an A2B electric bicycle. I rode it all day and it was awesome. If anyone is thinking about their choice between a bike and scooter, try an A2B.
It doesnt really look like a traditional bike, I think it is of German design and it HAULS. I test rode it in Longmont Colorado at Small Planet E Vehicles. Check out their site for details: Electric Bikes Electric Scooters | Electric Scooters

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Central Oregon kids are either back in school, or getting ready to go. Some might be riding a bike or scooter to get to class. Bend Police want to remind you your children need to wear helmets -- not only because it's state law, but because they're a lifesaver.

In the 1980s new versions of scooters began to be released and become popular, especially in Japan and far-. This style of scooters began to reflect that of larger, sporty, higher-performance motorcycles of the time and the trend has continued until now. With the release of the , new trends towards dirt-bike scooters are just beginning. In 1986, Honda introduced a large, touring scooter design, the 250 cc (15 cu in) (also called Spazio, Fusion or CN250). Although it was bulky to handle at low speeds and was derisively called a " on wheels", it was designed for riding long distances in comfort. Now nearly all major scooter manufacturers produce such models, called "maxi", "GT" or "touring" scooters.