Who wore it better? Miley vs Betty Spaghetti



Can Betty Spaghetty rescue Ronald McDonald?

Betty Spaghetti is the best Italian comfort food restaurant serving the Russian River in Guerneville, California located in the R3 Hotel. Stop by and try our delicious offerings of fresh pasta entrees, salads, pizza, and dinner entree’s with farm-to-table organic ingredients sourced from the North Bay and around California.

Mix Her! Match Her! Style Her! Take Betty home and make her your own! Betty Spaghetty is back in town and she's more fun than ever! Join her in some creative fun and mix and match her outfits to create a look that's totally yours!

Betty Spaghetty is the darling of Ohio Art Co. in Bryan.

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  • Betty Spaghetty Deluxe Mix and Match

Betty Spaghetty is the darling of Ohio Art Co. in Bryan.

I had a ton of Betty Spaghetty dolls. I remember seeing the commercial on television, “Have you heard about Betty? Betty Spaghetty!” She had off beat outfits, crazy colored hair and her best friend was a lady of color, it was a perfect storm of seduction. Betty Spaghetty was a jumble of plastic parts that came apart (but she’s so together!) that you can mismatch in order to change her outfits.

Every now and again when I’m at my parents house I’ll find a tiny Betty Spaghetty part and think fondly of how I chose her over . When I was a wee kid Barbie dolls frightened me because her eyes didn’t move. Even after I got over my fear of dolls that didn’t blink (as it turns out the ones that do are way creepier) I just didn’t care for Barbie much. Her corvettes and Shop With Me Toy Cash Register were the shit tho.