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We’ve put together some of the best ninja games for Android devices, so you can live or relive your dream of stealth, skill, and secrecy with the help of your Android phone.

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N The Way of the Ninja : Final Ninja : Penguin Rebellion : ..

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There are now thousands of games available in Apple’s App Store and more are coming. So it becomes increasingly difficult to pass them through a sieve to look for those that really worth playing. But, you should not worry dear friends. We are here to help you to resolve this problem.
After seeing the best free , now it’s the turn of the games ninjas. In our today’s top iPhone games selection, we see some of the best ninja games for iPhone and iPad, chosen for their graphics, addictive gameplay, and fun. Let’s discover the top free iPhone ninja games.

I play Fruit Ninja so much I throw fruit up in the air in my kitchen and try slicing it the way they do in the game. So far I've smashed 46 dishes and cut myself so many times I bought stock in Band-Aids. Fruit Ninja is the perfect pick-up-and play game. And if your friend has a higher score than you? There's nothing you won't do to take them down. With lots of unlockable content and nice fruity graphics, Fruit Ninja slices its way into the #1 spot on our 10 best ninja games.