[…] The Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy! […]

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[…] The Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy! […]

Why Experts Love It: The game will teach your son all about game strategy, planning and healthy competition. It is the best gift for 4 year old boy.

Educational Toys Planet presents its top picks of the Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys. All our learning toys will encourage your boy's curiosity, discovery, and creativity. But these top picks were specifically chosen by us to make a great educational and memorable gift for the special Fourth Birthday Boy. It is tempting to spend an extravagant amount of money on gifts for your children but the best gifts for 4 year old boys are not necessarily fancy video games or electronics. There is nothing more valuable to a child than learning opportunities and an inspired thirst for knowledge. Of course, it is the parent’s job to instill these. Children learn best through play. Though it may seem that they are not doing much, each new play opportunity provides new knowledge about the world around them. Being small is both miraculous and overwhelming and we must help little ones master new skills so they can build confidence and self-esteem each day. 4 year old boys are bundles of never-ending energy and do not often sit still. Though you may want to read, work on flash cards and do other instructional activities, they may have other ideas. That is OK because, with each new experience, they are becoming smarter, more aware and more flexible in their thinking. The best gifts for 4 year olds boy will make each moment of play equal parts fun and learning. That’s not hard to do on our website where each toy is specifically designed to be a learning tool and is developed specifically to foster all kinds of important skills.

[…] The Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy! […]

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  • […] The Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy! […]

    What are 4 year old Boys into? What are the Best Gifts for 4 year old Boys? 4 year old Boys enjoy pretend play - they can occupy themselves for longer periods of time, they are great at using their imagination, so the pretend play is getting more complex. 4 year olds can come up with great Pretend Play scenarios that involves dress up, play sets, and action figures, and enjoy reenacting scenes from their favorite movies and cartoons. 4 year old boys are also into pirates, robots, knights and dragons, spaceships and helicopters. They LOVE Transformers and Super Heroes - Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider Man Capes, Masks, Action Figures, and Play sets are at the Top of 4 year old boys' wishlists. Many 4 year olds look up to Firefighters and Police Officers and enjoy imitating them by dressing up into costumes and playing with Toy Emergency Vehicles and police officer and firefighter figurines. Most 4 year old boys are also into construction sets, especially Lego Bricks. And just about every 4 year old Loves spending time outdoors, camping, playing Sports or riding a scooter, a skateboard, or a bicycle.

    By 4 years old, most boys have accumulated a big collection of toys, including cars, trucks, action figures, pretend play toys and costumes, and other toys. So finding gifts for 4 year old boys may not be an easy task. Here you will find a collection of the Best Gifts for 4 year old boys 2013 - best sellers, toys with the best customer reviews, and most wished for Gifts in 2013. We will also introduce you to the Best Learning Toys for 4 year old boys to help them build and develop logic, math, and written language skills. Does your 4 year old have a favorite toy? Please tell us about it by leaving a comment in our Guestbook.