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BellyBuds® (5th Generation) | Prenatal Pregnant Headphones | Belly Phones That Plays Music And Voices For The Brain Development Of Your Unborn Baby | The Perfect Baby Shower Gift


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is definitely a unique product, but will the Sharks bite? If Williams and Von Waaden have their numbers in order and can demonstrate at least some sales, they’ll field multiple offers. Lori could sell a ton of these on , so she could get involved. Barbara, with all the kids in her life, will likely throw her hat in the ring as well. Mark, with his tech background might make a play too. Robert and Kevin may make token offers, but I don’t think they’ll do a deal. I think Belly Buds does a deal with the Sharks and a new generation of lovers will look back fondly on this episode of Shark Tank.

I was so lucky to be given the chance to review Belly Buds. I am not expecting so I gave this to a friend of mine who is a first-time mom to try it out. It was such a lovely sight when I saw her using it. I just couldn’t help smiling. Those circular Belly phones, small and cute, just like the baby inside. It complimented the situation very well. It seemed as if my friend and her baby are enjoying an activity together, and believe me they were. She was very happy to have it. This, first activity with her unborn baby strengthen their bond of love even before the delivery. I was so happy to see her and at the same so very jealous. I never got an opportunity to use such an amazing thing in my pregnancy. I love music and my daughter also enjoys dancing on music thoroughly. It would have been a perfect first bonding with my baby. Those cute, little things are very comfortable to use. Sharing music with your baby, at an acceptable volume level is a very safe and relaxing activity. It is very handy and easily portable. Just put it in your bag and take it with you. You can enjoy and share music with your baby wherever you want, as it fits easily under any clothing you wear. How I wish it was available during my pregnancy time!

Bellybuds are priced $49 and available from .

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    Business Background: Sharing audio with a baby in the womb helps positively stimulate a baby’s development. allows expectant mothers to expose their babies to stimulating audio through iPod buds that are attached to mom’s belly, and customers can use the Belly Buds website for a free recording platform. Entrepreneur (and expectant dad) Curtis Williams launched the company in December ’09.

    Business Challenge: Belly Buds realized they needed from potential customers to determine necessary product refinements, and strategies to optimize their messaging. The objective: To increase sales and satisfaction of Belly Buds. While Curtis and his team had developed an elegant product and knew the product worked and that there was a burgeoning market, what they didn’t have was direct, truthful reactions from potential customers about their product, packaging and messaging – feedback that they knew would be crucial to making key tactical decisions about design and marketing. They realized that qualitative research would give them that feedback, but as a start-up with limited resources, focus groups were unrealistic given the steep costs.