Bed bug mattress covers can be purchased for as little as $20.

Bed bug mattress covers can be purchased for as little as $20.

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Many researchers had proved that these dust mite cover or bed bug mattress cover is an effective preventive measure against the mites and allergens. According to a recent study if a cover with a 246 thread count and pore size somewhere between 2 to 10 in the order of microns can block almost 99% of dust mites and works equally well on bed bugs. Such a high percentage is a good enough reason for you to invest in some good quality bed bug cover and dust mite cover. The pore size being as less as 2-10 micron ensures that the dust mites would not come out. Whereas the bed bugs are much larger compared to dust mites, which means they have even lesser chances of seeping out.

Purchasing a bed bug mattress cover or dust mite cover is fine but only when you pick the right one. First and foremost check the pore size; the smaller the size the better it is as it would hold the fabric more tightly against the bugs and mites. The zipper is equally important. It should not rust or break off after a number of washes. A fabric that gives you ultimate comfort is the right fabric for you. Although there are a variety of them available, go for a simple as well as tested one, which can take repetitive washes of temperatures over 140 degree Celsius that kills 100% mites and 96% bugs(like cotton or polyester). Everyday technology is creating something new but it is always best to settle with the safer option.

What a Bed Bug Mattress Cover Does, and How to Use It

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One good method is to segregate them inside their nest. If the bed bugs are limited to the mattress using a a bed bug mattress cover, they can not go out to bite you in the dark. This technique can rectify the situation provisionally but it's not for the long term.

Bed bugs or dust mites generally attack us while we are fast asleep. Hence, if we cover our mattresses with the bed bug mattress cover and dust mite cover, we are protected. All these covers are clinically tested in the laboratories and ensure that the bugs or mites cannot chew through them and the zippers are self locking ones which bar them completely from coming out. The fabric used is generally polyester, nylon or cotton, which are quite comfortable and can be easily machine washed and reused. Moreover, they are water-proof which is quite advantageous. Urethane membrane which is laminated to the cover fabric gives an added protection against the mites. These bed bug mattress cover and dust mite cover prevents all the bed bugs and dust mites from making infestations in our pillows and mattresses and also forms a protection layer against the already exiting mites and bugs; the exiting ones remain trapped inside the covers.