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Marshmallow Polar Bear


Whatcha Thinkin About? Nothin Just Bear Stuffs Loljk Cocaine

My Pawfect Bear also offers the option for your very own custom themed teddy bear stuffing machine, Retail Merchandising Carts and our line of plush, costumes and accessories can also be personalized or customized…We can also help you design and produce your own !!

When you are looking for Amusement Equipment for Sale, you just can't go wrong with My Pawfect Bear's stuffing machines.

Teddy Bear Stuffing is a concept that continues to deliver a very attractive ROI. Call us or email us today to learn more about My Pawfect Bear and the business opportunities available with Teddy Bear Stuffing. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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You can save a whole heap on Carebears stuffed animals at Amazon. They have an extensive range of these soft toys available in several ranges and sizes.

My Pawfect Bear will deliver to you exactly that....something NEW, something DIFFERENT, something SENSATIONAL! Teddy Bear Stuffing parties (other animals too) and delivering the teddy bear stuffing experience in a home, online, retail or attraction based environment is so easy to do with My Pawfect Bear, and even easier to implement into your menu of services for EVERY VENUE! My Pawfect Bear takes great care and pride in the construction of every teddy bear stuffing machine and in all of the teddy bears, plush toys and accessories we manufacture. All of our Teddy Bear Stuffing machines are manufactured here in the USA! My Pawfect Bear is your complete solution provider in the Create your Own Teddy Bear trade. We are your wholesale supplier for: