Beados Activity Pack With 500 Beads Refill Pack

Beados Crystal + Glitter Mega Bead Refill Pack

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Beados refill mega-packs (2,000 beads) retail in store for $50-$80

If you haven’t seen Beados then you really should check this toy out. Brought to you by Moose Toys, a toy company out of Australia, Beados is getting so popular that I can’t find any of the toy refill packs online at Walmart. I actually received their design station awhile back from Moose Toys and my four year old loves playing with it. I’m long overdue in getting refill packs and poor thing has taken apart her creations in order to start over again. She needs some new Beados refill packs and she needs them badly. So when I went to the Walmart site for refills, they are all sold out online.

Build up your Beados world with the Beados Refill Packs. Choose from either a Themed Refill or Activity Refill Pack! The Themed Refill Pack comes in cute themes such as Butterfly and Winter Wonderland. Activity Refill Pack has fun things to make such as a suncatcher or bracelet!

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  • Beados Activity Pack With 500 Beads Refill Pack

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    Bring out the artist in your child with Beados. Beados art kits are perfectly safe and mess-free. You don't need heat or glue, simply spray your creation and let it dry. Beados encourage children's fine motor skills, help with colour recognition and expand the imagination. Our online selection of Beados sets includes Beados Gems and Crystals. We also have Beados Refill packs for adding more beads to playsets. Shop online today and watch your child's imagination come to life in their Beados creations.

    One Australian Childhood 101 reader will win a Beados Prize Pack (total value $114.97) consisting of one Beados Gem Design Studio, one Beados Gem Sunshine and six Beados Refill Packs.