Battat Rectangular Train Table with Set

Wooden Train Track 52 Piece Pack - 100% Compatible with All Major Brands including Thomas Wooden Railway System - By Right Track Toys


Battat Train Table Instructions

And what play pieces! The Battat Train Table with Storage Bins came with a wooden train and track set with well over 100 pieces! For his initial viewing of the table on Christmas morning, we set the table up using all the pieces the way it is shown in the diagrams. This includes two trains of four pieces each, a couple of bridges, a round house, and a wide variety of uprights, train tracks, switch tracks, and signs. All of the wood has been perfectly smoothed - there are no rough edges for anyone to catch their fingers on or that I’d worry about splintering.

The Battat Train Table with Storage Bins is very sturdy. It has to be since one of my son’s favorite things to do is climb up into it and use it as a stage. The play area of the table is printed in various patterns of green, brown, gray, and blue in the shapes of trees, bushes, ponds and roads. It sits a few inches below the sides so the play pieces won’t fall out.

Battat Octagon Train Table Battat - Ellies Enchanted Closet

Battat Trains & Vehicles

Battat Octagon Train Table Battat

We made the mistake of putting this (piece by piece) in the attic until Christmas Eve and then putting it together. I don’t know how else we would have done it, but trying to assemble it on Christmas Eve at 11 PM didn’t turn out too well. The directions are not clear. At one point, my husband being the if-it-doesn’t-fit-then-force-it-to-fit kind of guy decided that he needed to drill more holes in the Battat Train Table with Storage Bins. I quickly put a stop to this and perused the directions for myself at which time I figured out that he’d used the wrong part in the wrong place and we just about disassembled the whole table to start from scratch. However, once it was all done it was well worth the grief.

The Battat Train Table with Storage Bins is made of wood, so it is quite heavy. Even just getting it out of the store and into my mini-van was difficult. The wood is smooth and coated with a thick white surface which cleans up very easily, so no messy fingerprints!