The BatBot works best on hard, flat surfaces.

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After their debut, the Batbots have received small design changes in each subsequent appearance. In , they had yellow eyes with black sclera, and in , their design is more detailed and their wings strongly resemble magnet tiles.

Batbots are generally based on . They have black mechanical wings with neon-light blue and yellow edges, and their heads consist of ears and a pair of eye balls. They also have a red rim around their "neck" and an active lightbulb on their underside.

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  • Includes Transforming Bat Bot, full-function Remote Control, and four disks for launcher
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    In their first appearance in and its locked-on version , the Batbots are encountered in . In this game, they normally hang motionless in mid-air either by themselves or in groups. When the player gets close however, the Batbots will activate and start following the playable characters everywhere in circular patterns. They will return to their original position if the player moves far enough away however. The player can use the to defeat them easily.

    The Batbot, also known as Halogen in Japan, is a recurring enemy in the . It is a mass-produced, bat-based model created by that follows its targets with its lightbulb.