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Whether you opt for canvas or leather, you’ll receive a large canopy cover for your LeTour. If you are looking for the largest possible canopy, go for the canvas. The canvas features a hidden mosquito netting that can be unzipped when desired. The canopy top is easy to move from bassinet to stroller seat; it easily clips on and off of the frame.

Weatherproof Raincover: Have you ever been out with your little one and it started to rain? With the Baby Roues LeTour Stroller, a raincover is included with your purchase. It can be used with both the bassinet and stroller seat. If you want to give your child a little bit of extra air, there is a small flap that can be rolled to expose mesh.

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There is no need to remove the bassinet or stroller seat when collapsing, but you can, to save room, if needed. I was able to fit the stroller with bassinet or seat attached into the back of my minivan and the back of my husband’s small Nissan. I did removed the detachable arm bar before putting the stroller in our vehicles.

The Baby Roues LeTour comes as a main base, with the option to then equip it with a bassinet or stroller seat, both of which are included in your purchase, or use your infant car seat with the addition of an adapter.