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Barney Miller ran for over 8 years and within this time period, the show won a number of awards, for instance, three Emmys, Directors Guild of America Award and two Golden Globe Awards. The show was even nominated for more than 29 Emmys. These are undoubtedly the achievements that you just cannot ignore, and these accomplishments say a lot about the quality of this cult show. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning the fact that in spite of winning a number of prestigious awards and garnering a lot of critical acclaim, this show never became successful to achieve the top ratings. This might be attributed to the fact that the show was much ahead of its time. For instance, when you watch Barney Miller, you will find a story with in the series about a gay character; this was something that had never been done before in any prime time show. Precisely, this extra-ordinance of this great show gives it a timeless quality and just explains why Barney Miller DVD’s are selling like hot cakes even in these times.

There is a reason Barney has been at the top of children’s production for such a long time. Kids LOVE Barney! Maybe it is the purple color, the singing, dancing, or giggly voice, but one thing is for sure, when you put a Barney DVD on, kids will watch it.

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Barney Miller is one of those famous cop shows that are extremely hilarious but don’t make fun of cops or the crimes they handle. Though only 3 seasons were released as DVD’s in the beginning, the good news for this great comedy fans is that they can now pick the Barney Miller complete DVD set containing all 168 episodes. You can buy Barney Miller DVD at a reasonable price now and that too with many extras.

And not only watch, but learn too! Squishy loved the counting in this Barney DVD. This DVD is perfect for helping teach your preschooler or toddler about shapes and numbers. I think he also likes the kids that Barney has in his videos, so much so I think he would happily be in a Barney video!