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First, brush your barbies hair the best that you can. Then simply “dunk” her hair in really hot water for about 30 seconds and towel dry. Now all you need to do is give your barbie a new hair style.

As you can tell from one look at Ariel (decked out in Belle’s Dress), the barbies in our house are in need of some love. After some quick research on line about how to care for barbie hair, we set up a little salon.

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Brush and style your barbies hair. Once the hair is dry, the frizz and snarls will be gone. OK, it’s not that magical but it will leave your barbies hair looking much, much better.

I grew up playing with Barbies, but mostly just when friends came over. I remember my mom spending hours sewing special outfits for my dolls. The sad thing was, I never really played with them. Now with two young girls in my house, you would think that I would be sewing the special outfits and tripping over well loved barbies. It must be genetic because the girls play with them some, but like me only occasionally. Barbie hair always seems to be out of control. We set up this simple salon to help fix Barbies hair, and the girls loved it.