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Banzai Pipeline Water Twist Aqua Park

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park is the best entertainment for kids especially through the long summer when the water will keep them cool. Most alluring feature of the water park is its twisting slide and the splash pool. On top before the slide into the water the kids have plenty of fun climbing through the passage. The clubhouse area on top provides space for interaction among the kids. Water cannons on either side provide water splashing fun. You also have a detachable water-spray rail.

Next best thing to having kids is to have a pool for them to splash about in. In this Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park review you will read ups and downs of being in the water and being a kid with lots of water to play.

Banzai Pipeline Water Twist Aqua Park

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Almost all purchasers on Amazon are full of praise for the wonderful and innovative Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park. Two different slides and two water cannons seem to be enough to provide all the action the kids need. Some of the parents have had the water slide for over 4 years while there is one or two who did not find much satisfaction because their slide began to leak. There is a problem with the sides of the curved slide that encourage kids to climb up that way instead of the regular way. They might slip if they try this too often and get hurt. Some families have splash parties with about 50 kids. The slides accommodate 10 kids at any one time.

Due to its size the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park comes with its own continuous-air blower which can have the slide inflated in less than 5 minutes (sometimes even less). Setting up the slide with water does take considerably longer due to sheer size of the waterslide. But roughly 20 minutes of continuous water from your (average) garden hose has the waterslide up and running.