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Ball-Hop Bowling Classic


football freestyle - ball hop dribble tutorial

The Ball Hop's usage is very similar to the from the other Mario & Luigi games. To use the Ball Hop, the player must press "R" three times until an icon of arrows in a lop appears. Then, Mario and Luigi will curl up into a ball and they will bounce around accessing higher ledges. This move is also used to pass through rings which is required for the .

The Ball Hop is an overworld Bros. Move in . The move is taught to and by and on their second visit to . It can be seen as the spiritual successor to the and .

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Ball Hop

The Ball Hop in action.
User(s) Mario and Luigi
Similar Moves High Jump
Game(s) Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Ball Hop ★★★★☆ (Tutorial) :: FIFA 14 [PS3 / Xbox 360] ᴴᴰ