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Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set


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Backyard play sets have come a long way from the metal and hard plastic standards of our childhood. Many are now made of wood and have forts, climbing walls and picnic tables. All those added features come at a price, though: More elaborate sets can cost thousands of dollars.

Backyard playsets don’t always have to be about physical fun – kids can also be creative outdoors! The is designed for young percussionists to have a cool outdoor jam session with their friends. The set includes Bongos, a Deep Babaloo Drum and a Musical Rainwheel. Each piece can be fixed to an outdoor wooden play set, fencing or any other wooden structure (mounting hardware is included).

Backyard Adventures Play Sets & Swing Sets

  • Safety

    We design our backyard play sets to bring the excitement of the common playground to backyards across America. However, we have become the most respected play set manufacturer in the U.S. by putting safety first, always. As an active ASTM safety committee member, we have gone beyond the normal safety guidelines to ensure your kids are always safe. Here are the safety features included on our play sets.

    • Recessed bolts and hardware - All bolt connections are recessed, ensuring no cuts, scrapes or torn clothes
    • Rounded corners and edges - virtually splinter-free
    • Plastisol coated belt and tire swing chains - no more finger pinching
    • Sturdy steel swing connectors – providing a full range of motion
    • Safety handles - helping kids get a grip to the top
    • Interlocking flat steps - making climbing easy
    • Heavy-duty molded slides - Strong enough for the big kids!
    • Safe redwood staining process – 100% safe for children

      Parents Role in Backyard Play Set Safety:

    While we do everything we can to maximize kids safety, parents should keep an eye on their kids during play to ensure they are using the play structure as intended. Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids backyard play area safe:

    • ASTM guidelines recommended a 6’ safety perimeter around your play set as well as overhead.

      Teach your kids safe play rules:
    • Look First - Never run in front of or behind someone who is swinging
    • Share - Take turns on tire swings, rock walls, monkey bars, slides and swings
    • Wait until it’s dry – Always wait until the swing set is dry before you play
    • No bullies allowed - No pushing, shoving or roughhousing allowed

      Add a fall suface (ground cover) under your play set.

    While our backyard play set are hand-crafted to eliminate unnecessary cuts and scrapes, we suggest adding a fall surface under your play structure to add another layer of protection for children – just in case they lose their balance and fall. We recommend to add rubber mats, rubber mulch, wood chips sand or pea gravel under your play set. To see a pros and cons list of the best materials for under a play set, check out the resources tab on this page. For a detailed guide on play set fall surfaces, be sure to check out our resources tab on this page.

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    The is one of the more expensive backyard playsets, but if your budget allows, you should definitely consider investing in this super play structure. The Clubhouse Climber is perfect for kids aged 2-6 years and is large enough to accommodate multiple children at once. There is a lookout tower, a hide-out area, a slide, a skylight, a crawl through tunnel, climbing ladder and ‘clubhouse’. Kids can have lots of fun playing ‘hide and seek’ or imaginative games with their friends. Once assembled, it is a very heavy structure and sturdy enough to live outdoors all year round.

    Young children enjoy exploring their environment and it’s often the simple things that attract their attention: a fluttering butterfly, a caterpillar crawling up a tree trunk, or the wind blowing through the crinkly autumnal leaves. The best backyard playsets will also fire kids’ imagination and encourage them to play together in a more co-operative way. There are lots of backyard playsets to choose from, so to make it easier for you to set up an outdoor play area for toddlers and pre-school children, here are some setups we think would go down a treat.