DIY- Baby Washcloth Lollipops - baby shower gift.

Lavender Baby Washcloths 10 pack

The Motherhood Collection 6 ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths, 100% Natural Bamboo Towels, No-Dyes, Perfect for Sensitive Baby Skin, 6 Pack 10"x10"


Baby Washcloths Baby Blue 10 Pack

Make a splash at your next baby shower with a cake that will knock their rubber boots off. This 12:26 minute, easy to follow, video tutorial will walk you through the simple process of creating beautiful, no-sew butterfly made from baby washcloths. Watch whenever you like and as many times as you'd like.

There is no damage done to the washcloth in the making of this design but don't be surprised if the parents-to-be never take it apart.

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As an expectant parent, you will soon find that there are many things that you will need for your child. While you already have the nursery ready, diapers, wipes, strollers and other accessories. You might have left one very important item out of your registry or your pre-baby shopping list. Many parents often times overlook the importance of purchasing baby wash cloths. Instead opting to use their own family wash cloths. However, many parents will vouch for the uses of an infant wash cloth for your child. Often times a necessity that has been long over due for the credit it deserves.

Baby Washcloth Popsicle ~ made using two baby washcloths

  • Becky said:

    It’s not a very creative use, but I keep mine under my bathroom sink for wiping my face after oil cleansing. I don’t like rinsing and reusing an oil cleansing wash cloth — I’d rather toss it in the laundry basket and get a new one the next night. The little baby wash clothes are perfect for it and they’re soft enough that I don’t have to worry about using something too rough on my face.

  • Ravelry: Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths pattern by Theresa Grant

    Despite the colors, shapes, and prints that they come in. All baby wash cloths are made to be extremely soft. Of course aiding in keeping your child’s sensitive skin safe from rough adult wash cloths. They help to create a soothing environment in an atmosphere that most children find frightening at first. Regardless if your child is a new born, a year or even two years of age. I would recommend obtaining these handy little helpers every year; refreshing and renewing these plush bath-time buddies for your child.

    Another definite perk to purchasing baby wash cloths for gifts is that, they are always in stock. These great gifts can be found almost anywhere that caters to baby. However if you are looking for a baby wash cloth that isn’t pastel in coloration, you might want to search web sites like this one. They will offer several non-generic styles and prints on infant wash cloths for you to choose from.