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Are you currently baby proofing your house and baby's nursery? Try this classy and easy decorative baby outlet covers. If you are waiting for baby to come this is the perfect parenting DIY project to keep you creative and busy. It even makes a great gift for a baby shower.

Baby Safety Outlet Cover can prevent baby throwing things or inserting fingers into outlet socket holes. Keep baby safety from electricity leakage, also dust-proof. Stop excessive sparks or risk of short circuit.A handy children proofing product for home safety

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Genius baby outsmarts outlet covers

Have you recently painted your home? Do your wall outlets not stand out more than they did before? Or perhaps you are just tired of having plain, ordinary outlets in your home? Take your home décor to the next level with some Baby outlet covers from Zazzle! Feast your eyes on our spectacular selection of Baby outlet covers for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms in your home. Each one has been designed with artwork, pictures, and text to help increase the aesthetic appeal of the plugs around your house. Along with being amazingly decorative, these Baby wall outlet covers offers 3 tamper resistant outlets, a USB 2.1 port, and a master kill switch so it doubles as a power strip. You’ll enjoy being able to charge multiple electrical accessories in one simple device. Find the perfect design and purchase a Baby outlet cover from Zazzle today!

Instruction: Insert this Baby Safety Outlet Cover into the spare electric outlet socket, can stop your baby inserting fingers into the plug hole, and help prevent the potential danger of electricity leakage. It is easy to take it off from a outlet plug with the matched key, but not available to take it off by little kid without it.