Useful ways to hold your baby for breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding not only has many associated health benefits for you and your baby it also helps you build that very important bond with your child, both physically and emotionally. The skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby whilst breastfeeding is like nothing you will have experienced before. Holding a baby in your arms and looking into his eyes while he feeds, knowing that you are giving him everything he needs to develop and grow, will bring your protective maternal instincts to the surface.
On top of all of this, breastfeeding is free, convenient and very fulfilling once you have learned the basic skills. Your breast milk is always available, always at the right temperature and always contamination-free. There is no need to sterilise bottles or prepare formula; you are able to feed your baby wherever and whenever he is hungry.

According to some authorities, increasing evidence suggests that early skin-to-skin contact (also called ) between mother and baby stimulates breastfeeding behavior in the baby. Newborns who are immediately placed on their mother’s skin have a natural instinct to latch on to the breast and start nursing, typically within one hour of birth. Immediate skin-to-skin contact may provide a form of that makes subsequent feeding significantly easier. In addition to more successful breastfeeding and bonding, immediate skin-to-skin contact reduces crying and warms the baby.

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2. It boosts the immune system. Babies who breastfeed have decreased incidences of illness and lower mortality rates. The immunity benefits improve the longer a baby breastfeeds. "The longer you breastfeed, the less likely your baby is to have some of the illnesses that we associate with not breastfeeding, like ear infections and upper respiratory infections," Weiss says. It makes moms healthier, too: Moms who breast-feed are less likely to have breast cancer. There's also a reduced risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. The benefits are cumulative, meaning that if a mom breastfeeds two babies for two years each, the benefit is equal to that of a mom who breastfeeds four babies each for a year.

Let your baby breastfeed at one breast then switch to the other side. Try your baby when switching breasts and at the end of the feed. Often, the movement alone can be enough to cause a baby to burp.