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Angel Dear Blankie, Brown Giraffe


Coco The Kitty | Burrito Baby With Blankie

Blankies, lovies, night-nights, security blankets, woobies, dee-dees….most kids end up hanging on dearly to one of their baby blankets. My own favorite “blankie” was a white thermal blanket with a thick satin white edge. I loved the corners to death. My mom always tells me a story about how we went to visit my grandparents in another town, and we forgot it at their house. I couldn’t sleep until it arrived via FedEx the next day. I guess you could say that I was slightly attached. I finally gave it up at a late age, after being bribed with a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Walla Wallan Robin Smasne’s Fur-Baby Blankets from Gracie are the cat’s meow. About a week after the item in Etcetera came out, Robin found four pieces of fleece and flannel in a donation basket at Wags to Whiskers, 4 N. Palouse St. “I ... am grateful for their kindness,” Robin said. Three days later, Wags to Whiskers said there were more donations stored in a back room because the basket was overflowing. The business will continue collecting donations until the end of August.

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Les Deglingos Ratos Baby Comforter Blankie
Price: £13.99

Ringo The Tiger | Burrito Baby With Blankie

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