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Getting baby in and out of the BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier carrier is a breeze so it's very new-parent friendly. It's developed specifically to fit your baby right from birth (no newborn inserts required) and you can put it on and take off with only a few adjustments. The two-piece design makes it easy for you to place your baby in the baby carrier unassisted which is especially awesome if you want to transition a sleepy child from carrier to crib. Just undo two side fasteners and the entire front opens right up!

As a chiropractor I have to be completely honest and say that I don’t recommend the Baby Bjorn Original. The main reasons are that it holds the baby too upright and the distribution of stresses/gravity is directed through the baby’s spine, pelvis and hip joints.

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    Suggested modifications based on weight and height are enclosed with the infant carrier. Color coded latches simplify putting on and taking off the Original. And you can easily move a sleeping child from carrier to crib without disturbing him. The Baby Bjorn Original baby carrier''s design makes it easy to assemble, adjust, and wear.

    I particularly would advise somebody against the Baby Bjorn Original if their baby has been diagnosed with a pre-existing hip condition such as .