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Awesome! I think you saved me! My almost 2 year old daughter is obsessed with Baby Beluga and just announced that she is having a Baby Beluga birthday party. I’m pretty creative when it comes to birthday parties, but all I could think was “well how am I going to do that?” You did a great job. Thanks for the inspiration!

Here we have some ideas for the new born baby girl birthday party invitation. There are many ideas for the first baby girl birthday party invitation and these invitation cards are prepared according to the theme like you can finish your baby girl picture on the invitation, little moments of the baby girl are display on the invitation,

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    Whether it is the youngest child or the oldest child, the first birthday is something mom and dad want to celebrate in a special way for the guest as well as the kids. Planning the 1st birthday parties are not at all difficult if you know all about baby birthday party supplies. It is really a memorable occasion to the parents and the grandparents. We cherish the moments of our first birthday by looking at pictures.

    I think people’s issues with the over the top baby birthday parties or parties in general comes more when people use it less as a reason for celebration, happiness and enjoying people’s company and instead use it as gift grab. Or a gimme gimme party just to purposely out do other people’s parties or keep up with the Jones’s. Your party and others like it I have seen comes from a place of love where your family got to together to work as a group and create decorations, make memories in the process and throw a fun party. Its when I see the super rich people practically hiring all of Disneyland to come to their house, asking for super expensive baby gifts or toys, and spending money that could rival the cost of a wedding that I kind of go huh?What? Did they just throw the equivalent of the cost of a wedding over a baby birthday party.