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When looking for a bathtub suitable for toddlers, the options aren’t as readily available as they are with baby bathtubs. Ideally, you want one that converts from infant tub to toddler tub because no one wants to be making multiple purchases. For many parents, the decision to buy one is made out of pure necessity, with reasons ranging from travel, to having a bathroom without a tub, to the desire to provide a fun and safe bathing experience for their little one. Whatever yours may be, we rounded up the top toddler bathtubs of 2013, ranging widely in design, function, and price.

I had a similar one for my son and then by the time my son could sit up unsupported, we moved to the regular bathtub with shallow water. For this post, we wanted baby bathtubs that could store away easily for Ilana’s apartment life. The Tummy Tub was the only one that veered from that, but I liked it because it could do double-duty in the bathroom to store bath toys without taking up too much floor space.

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    Supposedly just the right size and shape to safely contain a slippery, squirmy newborn, baby bathtubs always seem convenient. Until you actually use one.