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“The baby beds are part of a very robust public policy to support moms, babies and families,” she said, noting Finland has one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

Most parents would not consider the high end princess beds to be practical for the most luxurious baby girl's nursery, even if they are worthy of becoming treasured family heirlooms. But, there are baby beds available in every price range that can me made worthy of royalty with a little imagination and a few appropriately themed princess accessories.

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Eyford, who was told about the baby beds by a public health nurse in her baby group, said she co-slept with her first child. Now having received more education about safe sleep she is excited to provide her newborn with a secure space for sleeping.

Princess beds and princess carriage cribs are the ultimate in princess cribs. The baby beds that are featured on this page are not the usual, affordable Disney Princess cribs; you can expect these one-of-a-kind princess carriage cribs worthy of royalty to have price tags in the thousands rather than the usual two or three hundred dollars that is customary for a basic baby bed.