As Seen on TV peforms at Ghostfest.

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As Seen On TV: The Disco Biscuits

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Discover healthy and deliciously easy ways to prepare vegetables with Veggetti Pro Table-Top Spiral Vegetable Cutter, As Seen on TV. This easy-to-use slicer comes with three stainless steel blades, perfect for making veggie pastas, salads, coleslaws, curly fries and more. Make thin “pasta” strands out of vegetables for a low-carb, gluten-free take on spaghetti.

New Jersey sues "As Seen on TV" promoter

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As Seen on TV ~ SpongeBob makes a very short cameo in the first Krusty Krab’s commercial. SpongeBob lets fame go to his head when an elderly man recognizes him. SpongeBob feels he does not need his job at the Krusty Krab anymore, so he gives up fry cooking believing that he is a big famous celebrity. &

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