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Apps for Babies Brought to Us by Fisher Price — Grandma Lessons

I graduated to YouTube and sesame songs to quiet and entertain babies, especially involving Elmo. Yes, technology is Grandma’s friend. And anything new, especially free apps for baby, is a

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At Baby's Brilliant, we understand how curious and enthusiastic babies are about the world they are discovering. Our goal is to help parents introduce their child to all the wonderful things around them in an enriching, playful and educational way, and encourage learning in the process.

Baby's Brilliant offers a variety of entertaining and educational movies, Night Lights for nap time and bedtime, and music from the most beloved composers as well as inspirational and popular children's songs. Our presentations include a variety of every day life images, animals and nature, specially assembled to engage and relax your baby. Most movies are narrated by young children, making them little stories your baby will enjoy over and over.

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Best iPhone and iPad apps for babies: Sleepy Sounds

First Focus: Ladybird Baby Touch is an app for babies

But yes, as we said earlier, we’re a bit unsure about apps for babies: when our own children were younger than one, we’d probably have opted for the Baby Touch book rather than the app.

Yes, I know. I have a whole store filled with toys, so why is my toddler playing with my iPhone? It’s worse than that. When I upgraded last year to the new iPhone 3Gs, my son actually inherited a (deactivated) iPhone of his own. But that thing has been a life saver, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I’ve searched and searched for a round-up of the best iPhone apps for babies and toddlers, and I couldn’t find anything good. So I took it upon myself to invest some time and money, and I downloaded a whole bunch of apps. Here are my 10 favorite for kids age 2 and under.