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Voted 'Girl's Toy of the Year' in 2000, Baby Annabell continues to be as popular as ever. Thanks to modern miniature electronics, some versions of Baby Annabell will turn her head in the direction of the voice she hears, gurgles when sucking her dummy and cries real tears if her owner doesn’t give her enough care and attention! Little girls don’t just want the modern gizmos though - Baby Annabell dolls are still soft, pretty, charming and perfectly huggable.

Made by German company Zapf Creation, Baby Annabell dolls are only part of a popular range which includes Baby Born and Chou Chou, plus her smaller cuddly sister, My First Baby Annabell. Some of the charm and fun for little girls is to dress Annabell in her favourite clothes and take her for a walk in her own stroller.

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Haunted Dolls #2- Annabelle The Doll - YouTube

Baby Annabell is said by many to be about the finest baby doll this Christmas! There are lots of baby doll toys around this year that can make wonderful Christmas gifts for girls. However one of the most popular and top selling types of baby doll toy this season is definitely the Baby Annabell doll along with all her extras and accessories that are on the market!

Baby Annabell is one of the most delightful baby dolls that you can find. Just have a look at some of the customer reviews of the best Baby Annabell dolls, including the Zapf Creation Baby Annabell doll herself in her many forms, with the Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Nappies, the Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Changing Bag/Mat set and more. As far as baby dolls are concerned, Baby Annabell dolls are about the sweetest you can find.

You know that girls always love baby dolls, and the delightful Baby Annabell doll is certainly one of the finest available for this Christmas. The lovely battery operated doll features baby sounds such as gurgles and giggles, and she sucks on her dummy and bottle! She sucks fluid out of her bottle and burps after feeding. She also yawns once she's sleepy! You'll find more about Baby Annabell dolls including reviews right here on my blog