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Annabelle doll - Ed & Lorraine Warren

The real Annabelle doll wasn't a porcelain doll as presented in the film. Rather, the real Annabelle doll was just your typical run of the mill Raggedy Ann doll. The true story regarding this doll is considered to be very nightmare-inducing so feel free to leave if you are scared.

Horrible that director changed the appearance of the original doll, Annabelle (a Raggedy Ann Doll). Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I am way more terrified by a Raggedy Ann Doll gone evil than by this fake portrayal of the Annabelle doll. Who would ever let this disgusting looking doll into their house? And it’s looks are not at all historical (which it claims to be) to a Victorian era doll. What were they thinking about? Probably sensationalism at the cost of the Warren’s hard earned life’s work and reputation.

Annabelle the doll not only moved but could write too

Annabelle Doll

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Annabelle the Doll is a haunted Raggedy Ann doll stored in a special glass case in the Occult Museum of psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in Monroe, Connecticut.

The new horror movie, The Conjuring, highlights the Annabelle doll case in the beginning of the film and truly creates the scariest looking doll ever created. Only issue is, it’s not the real Annabelle doll. Raggedy Ann is the real Annabelle doll. I remember a similar feeling, that same feeling when I found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist.