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Find out more about some of the inhabitants of Animal Adventure!

In celebration of the beauty of animals from around the world, the Baby Einstein Company expands upon its new World Music line with the release of “World Animal Adventure.” Little ones will explore lush jungles, frozen tundras, and golden plains to discover the joy of animals through real world images, art and iconography from cultures around the world.

Set to fun original World Music beats and inspired by the animals of each continent, “World Animal Adventure” gives babies the opportunity to explore animals both exotic and new with the fun-loving puppet host, Jane the Monkey, and her daughter, Mimi.

Please adhere to the following rules when visiting Animal Adventure:

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  • Find out more about some of the inhabitants of Animal Adventure!

    From Asian pandas to Australian kangaroos, Baby Einstein’s World Animal Adventure DVD journeys to all seven continents, exposing baby to dozens of exotic animals in their beautiful, natural habitats. The original ethnic rhythms representative of each continent and orchestrated for baby’s ears will encourage babies to get up and move to the fun world beat.

    “Babies love animals, and ‘World Animal Adventure’ is a great way for parents to bring different cultures into their home, introduce their babies to exotic new animals, and have a little fun together,” said Susan McLain, vice president and general manager of The Baby Einstein Company.