An Angry Birds pinata, cake, and life-size setup.

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Cortometraje de Raúl Quintanilla

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If your child chooses an Angry Bird theme for the next birthday party, surprise him or her with a cute little Angry Birds pinata. Made from a balloon and paper mache, you can easily make more then one and since you only have to paint it, you can make other shapes as well.

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  • Angry Birds Pinata and Cupcakes

    Planning an Angry Birds Birthday Party? If that is the case then you cannot pass up one of these HUGE Angry Birds Pinatas to add to the Party Fun. These are not your average Party Pinatas and I am going to tell you all about them right here.

    These Angry Birds Pinatas are custom made by and they sent me one so I can review it and share my thoughts with all of you. PinataCasa specializes in GIANT authentic Mexican Pinatas & Custom Pinatas. They carry a large selection of the most popular Characters and Designs, but the difference from other Party Store Pinatas is their Size. In addition to that PinataCasa will custom make any style Pinata you are looking for. Just send a photo and they will make it – they can even make a Pinata that looks like you !! Imagine the possibilities…