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Anduin Lothar, played by , in 2016)

Lord Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth, was the last true descendant of the ancient Arathi bloodline, a knight champion of the during the , and the supreme commander of the armies of the during the . He perished in combat at the base of against the orc Warchief just before the end of the Second War and the closing of the . He is considered one of the greatest warriors of all time. King named his son, after him.

Lothar was shocked when the wizard , the apprentice to his old friend Medivh, arrived to tell him that the great mage had betrayed humankind by summoning the orcs into Azeroth. Despite this information, Llane could hardly believe that the magus would willingly betray Azeroth and that all his actions could be justified as part of a brilliant scheme. Llane felt confident in Medivh's allegiance and that his army and Medivh would be enough to beat back the Horde. Forced to choose between his convictions and his loyalty to the king, Lothar chose to follow his instincts and personally led a force to storm and kill Medivh. The band of troops, along with Lothar, Khadgar, and the half-orc , descended into the lower tower and confronted the mad guardian. Khadgar finally managed to stab Medivh in the heart, and Lothar removed his head with one swipe from his greatsword.

Anduin Lothar, played by , in 2016)

  • Major Character Death
  • One-Sided - Relationship
  • One-sided Bolvar Fordragon/Varian Wrynn
  • Varian Wrynn/Tiffin Ellerian
  • One-sided Bolvar Fordragon/Calia Menethil
  • Minor or Background Relationship(s)
  • Bolvar
  • Varian Wrynn
  • Mara Fordragon
  • Anduin Lothar
  • Arthas Menethil
  • Calia Menethil
  • Terenas Menethil
  • Jaina Proudmoore
  • Anduin Wrynn
  • Alternate Universe - Gender Changes
  • Gender or Sex Swap
  • Fem!Varian
  • Male!Tiffin
  • Backstory
  • Canon-Typical Violence
  • Canonical Character Death
  • Old time-line
  • Minor canon changes
  • Bolvar/Varian Friendship!
  • Arthas/Varian/Calia Friendship!

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He became separated from the main body of his troops in what is perhaps the greatest battle in Azeroth's history. Amid the chaos, he was forced into combat with , Warchief of the Horde; after a long and draining fight, Lothar was defeated in single combat after his sword was shattered by the , his skull crushed by a powerful blow from the legendary weapon. However, many others believe that Doomhammer did not win fairly and Lothar was killed after being ambushed by a group of the Horde's warriors. This is reinforced by children in Stormwind who say Lothar fought with his bare hands after his sword was shattered and killed several dozen orcs before his heroic demise. Regardless, his blade fell from his dead grasp, though it did not lie for long.

Anduin Lothar did not live to see his beloved homeland freed from orc control and rebuilt, but a massive stone statue depicting Lothar in his final charge was built (by orcish prisoners of the Alliance no less) and still stands in the , pointing defiantly towards Blackrock Spire. Lord Lothar's legacy lives on in all the free peoples of Stormwind. The current crown-prince of the nation bears Lothar's name.