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The first generation of Amazon Fire TV comes with 5.49GB of storage.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick takes most of what made the Fire TV compelling and cuts both its price and size by more than half. It's $4 more than the Google Chromecast and can do so much more, like letting you use it without a mobile device at all. It's not as peppy as the Fire TV, but for its price and size it's an excellent media hub you can pop into the back of your HDTV and forget about. If you're not an Amazon Prime member, the Fire TV Stick sits neck-and-neck with the excellent Roku Streaming Stick, offering a more curated experience with nearly the same functionality for $11 less. If you are an Amazon Prime member, the Fire TV Stick is an incredibly appealing, very affordable gateway to the plethora of content you've already paid for.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick packs everything we love about the full-size box into a petite, powerful form factor. For better or worse the interfaces are identical and lean heavily on Prime content.

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Amazon Fire TV (2014) review | TechRadar

The big differences between the two streamers are the remotes (the Stick's stick doesn't have a built-in mic), and the silicon inside the machines. By and large the Amazon Fire TV proper has better internals and therefore can play games like the gorgeously addicting Crossy Road and Zen Pinball without a problem. The Amazon Fire TV Stick has gaming capabilities too, however, you're more apt to find Solitaire and Threes than you are anything more complex.

Along with Hulu and Netflix, Amazon Fire TV also plays content from apps like YouTube, Vimeo, the NBA and the MLB. That's a lot of content, especially considering that Prime Instant Video already has around 40,000 movies, TV episodes and exclusives.