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Ladybug Bamboo Alva Baby Cloth Diaper

Alva Baby 6pcs Pack Pocket Washable Adjustable Cloth Diaper with 2 Inserts Each (Neutral Color) 6BM98

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Stuffing the Alva Baby cloth diaper with only one insert worked just as well during the day. With just one insert, this cloth diaper fits my daughter perfectly. The snaps in the torso and the extra snaps around the waist allowed me to get the diaper to the perfect size and fit for her body. I also like that the snaps are easy to snap and unsnap but stay securely together when snapped. I do not have to struggle to get this diaper on and off but also do not have to worry about my daughter pulling it off of herself too easily.

Finally, I love the material used in my Alva Baby cloth diaper. The inside layer is super soft against my baby’s skin. I do not have to worry about a rough material irritating her sensitive diaper area. I also like the outside layer of material, which is waterproof but still soft and not at all plasticky. I really love the print as well and have already purchased a few more Alva Baby cloth diapers in other prints and colors.

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  • sarah heart
    August 31, 2012 at 3:19 am

    I have bought alva babies too! The majority of my stash is alva cloth diapers. Some are from lotus bum and then another brand (can’t think of it right now) I also have 1 straight from the factory.
    At first I had no problem with them. I mean they aren’t the best quality of fabrics, but they fit my lo fine. But now that she is bigger 20#. . They fit her horribly. I HATE them, they all fit her different even though they are the same brand. Some I am on the last snaps, while others are still at the first snaps!
    But you get what you pay for!

  • How Do Alva Baby Cloth Diapers Hold Up Over Time?

    Final Verdict: I love my Alva Baby cloth diaper! Although shipping times run a little longer than products bought stateside, I am more than willing to wait a little longer for such a high quality cloth diaper that is so inexpensively priced. I will definitely (and already have) be buying more cloth diapers from Alva Baby in the future.

    Because of the inexpensive prices of Alva Baby cloth diapers, I wanted to get one to try before investing in a bundle. I did not want to buy a bunch only to discover that the quality is low. I decided to order an adorable blue diaper with a monkey print from the E Series. I also ordered an extra microfiber insert and a four-layer microfiber and bamboo insert. My entire purchase cost me only $10.47.