aflutter about proposing to Shelley that evening.

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All Aflutter is delicate, but potent. In telling stories (with light & motion), we breathe life back into people’s memories. we bring them back again to that skipped heartbeat, when they felt that slight, almost bittersweet, ache as they said yes to forever to the person standing across them at the aisle.

The difference between atrial fibrillation (Afib) and atrial flutter (Aflutter), is clinically relevant because typical flutter can easily be treated by radiofrequency ablation. Afib and atypical Aflutter requires more expertise and radiofrequency ablation has lower success rate.

A heart that is aflutter may be in Atrial Fibrillation.

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It's the Miami Dolphins-themed sub that's got hearts aflutter.

Jonah is a master at capturing the intimate intricacies of human life, preserving special moments with every snap. As principal photographer of All Aflutter, he sets the direction for the company and mentors the team to grow together collectively.

UPDATE: Vince has just revised his post on AFlutter that I commented on in January, 2012. CONGRATS to Vince – as his new piece has greatly enhanced his work on this subject. I LIKE the new organization that I believe is more user-friendly. If ever you’ve had questions about how to diagnose AFlutter – the answer is probably here within Vince’s discussion – HIGHLY recommended! – :)