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There are several different brands, types and sizes of action camcorders on the market, which can further complicate the task of finding the right one to meet your needs. This guide is designed to give you the facts about camcorders that are created specifically for capturing situations that involve movement and how to narrow your search to include only the units that have the features that you will find useful for your intended purpose. By following the tips and recommendations we’ve provided, you’ll be able to more quickly and easily identify the right action camcorder to satisfy your requirements.

The other type of action camcorder is called a pocket camcorder. These are also more compact and lightweight. Some of these action camcorders also have features that make them durable and weatherproof. These are the least popular models of action camcorder and production of new technology for this type has been limited in the past few years.

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Action camcorders are usually subjected to some type of jolting and abuse, so it is wise to select a model that is designed be rugged, weather resistant and can stand up to the rigors of the activity. Another consideration is how the camera will be used. Will you be standing on the sidelines and shooting footage or must the cam be mounted to a helmet, machine or other location? The features must allow for proper mounting of the camera in a location that will provide the desired view for recording the footage. They come in a variety of recommended mounting angles such as helmet, chest, wrist and other locations. Another popular feature for those who enjoy filming wildlife is the motion sensing technology found in trail cams.

Finding the right action camcorder can seem like a tough task with the large variety of offerings on the market. If you are unprepared it most likely will be difficult to make the best decision. It is when you take a few moments to analyze your real needs based upon the ways in which the camcorder will be used, that you can begin narrowing your choices in the right direction. Considerations for storage space, image quality and stability and battery life can help you to avoid common frustrations. When you predetermine what you will need, you can identify the features that you require in an action camcorder and limit the choices to a few brands and models.