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A wood deck around an above ground swimming pool.

Many people long to spend the sizzling, humid summer afternoons lounging around a refreshing backyard swimming pool, but the charge of putting in a traditional inground swimming pool is often prohibitive. Not everyone can spend a large sum of funds for a backyard swimming pool. Luckily, a economically reachable solution is obtainable. Above ground swimming pools (also known as on ground swimming pools) cost a fraction to purchase, install, and maintain. Admittedly, the appearance of above ground swimming pools has not always appealed to homeowners, but the once lowly above ground pool has gained ground in terms of looks over the years and now serves as a appealing solution in many backyards.

So, where does the underground element come into play when we talk about above ground pools? If decorative walls, pool decks, and beautiful landscaping still don’t make the addition of an above ground pool in your backyard an attractive option, then why not install the above ground pool into the ground like you would an in ground pool? Impossible? No. The superior construction and corrosion resistance of some above ground pools allow them to be installed as semi-in ground and even mostly in ground pools. By installing an above ground pool underground, so to speak, you can have the look of an in ground pool without the cost of an in ground pool. Beauty and affordability together!

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Manufacturers of today’s above ground swimming pools have succeeded in producing materials that combine quality and durability with aesthetic beauty. Above ground pools, which are often constructed of industrial strength steel or aluminum and super strong resin, are specially coated with multiple layers to resist corrosion, scratching, and UV rays, but they are also available in a variety of attractive colors and patterns to suit even those with the utmost discerning preferences.

Traditionally not the most attractive piece of backyard decor, the has come a long way in terms of looks. For example, oval shaped above ground pools can now be installed without the use of buttresses, which are unattractive and take up a good deal of yard space. Additionally, the walls of above ground pools are specially coated — not only to resist corrosion, scratching, and UV rays — but to offer the consumer a variety of attractive colors and designs. When you add features like pool decks and creative landscaping, today’s backyard above ground pool feels like a luxury get away.