Disney Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids - Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse 8 Puzzles (6 Pieces each)

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Turn your child's photo into a high quality 6 piece jigsaw puzzle

(6.4 MB) Zip file with two puzzle making templates, the 6 piece cause and effect puzzle and printable puzzles, for Classroom Suite v.3 or later. Custom IntelliKeys overlay is attached to the 6 Piece Puzzle Template.

This project builds a 6 piece wooden puzzle that when assembled makesa fully symmetrical jack (3 dimensional "+"). The design is copiedfrom a cast aluminum version I had as a child. I expect the puzzle isat least 50 years old, and thus is well outside any patent that mayhave existed. I've seen other versions of this puzzle, in wood, butthey use different piece shapes. I like this version because thereare only 4 different pieces and the pieces are deceptively simple.

6 piece shape puzzles - Fat Brain Toys

Free Online 6 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids - Kids' jigsaw puzzles to play online. Fun for all ages! These mobile-friendly puzzles are ideal for tablets but can also be played on computers and smart phones. Get started by clicking or tapping a picture.

6 piece puzzle by bs3 - Thingiverse