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3dSS: 3D structural superposition - PubMed Central (PMC)

The 3DSS-DX-450 is a compact 3D sidescan sonar giving a high-resolution 3D display of the entire water column and sea floor. It uses the CAATI technology that has been developed by Ping DSP, accurately displaying complex geometric structures. With its capacity of 14 times the water depth, the 3DSS is suited for bathymetric applications.

IDT and 3D Sublimation Solutions (3DSS) have formed the joint venture 3D3 Systems to launch a 1-up device for personalising blank smartphone cases with digital images.

Ping DSP - 3DSS™, where bathymetry meets 3D imagery.





3DSS™, where bathymetry meets 3D imagery

The company’s 3DSS sonar is based on patented Computed Angle-of-Arrival Transient Imaging (CAATI) technology which provides high resolution 3D point cloud images over the entire water-column including the seafloor, complex structures and mid-water targets.

Since partnering with 3DSS, the production process has been more effective so our peace of mind and. The data of Reverse Engineering from 3DSS are very accurate, we are very satisfied.