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Learn the difference between the price per-carat and the total diamond weight. For example, if the price per carat is $6,000, the price of a solitary 3 carat diamond ring will be around $18,000. However, the overall price could be a bit more or less, depending on other factors, such as the clarity, color, and setting. As mentioned above, the cut can make a difference in the price as well. The brilliant round, radiant, princess, and heart shaped cuts tend to be on the more expensive side, so if you’re on a tight budget, you could get a with an or . While less brilliant, they are very classy styles that are an ideal choice for women who appreciate vintage jewelry. Do a bit of research on the four C’s and how they are graded before choosing a 3 carat diamond ring. By doing your homework first, you will get the best value your money can buy. At King of Jewelry, we do the homework for you by providing all our customers with the highest quality 3 carat diamond rings at wholesale prices.

A diamond's actual carat weight will not necessarily be reflected in its appearance. 3/4 carat diamonds may, in reality, look smaller than 0.73 carat diamonds, as certain diamond cuts and shapes may cause a diamond to look smaller than it actually is.

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Carat Weight Points MM Fraction
0.01 1 1.50 1/100 carat
0.10 10 3.00 1/10 carat
0.20 20 3.80 1/5 carat
0.25 25 4.00 1/4 carat
0.33 33 4.25 1/3 carat
0.50 50 5.00 1/2 carat
0.63 63 5.50 5/8 carat
0.75 75 6.00 3/4 carat
1.00 100 6.50 1 carat
1.50 150 7.50 1 1/2 carats
2.00 200 8.00 2 carats
3.00 300 9.50 3 carats
4.00 400 10.00 4 carats

3 Carat Diamond Ring & market place

The most desirable Princess cut shape is a completely square shape, beautifully proportioned for maximum brilliance. This 3 carat Princess cut diamond is a perfect example with an exceptional VS clarity.

Thicker metallic round band is one of many vintage aspects which are found on the vintage . The solitaire cut gemstone is the next aspect. It is where there is only a big stone studded as main ornament of the ring. Diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby may be popular selected as vintage ring embellishment. Besides thicker band and bigger ornament, more complicated frames installed on embellishment of ring become the next usual aspect found on the ring. Now, have you been able to recognize the vintage 3 carat engagement band from modern ring collection?