Nintendo 2DS Gets Sea Green Color

Nintendo 2DS Sea Green (Includes Mario Kart 7)


Nintendo Nintendo 2ds Sea Green W Mario

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Take a look at the Sea Green color of the Nintendo 2DS, the first Nintendo 2DS with a white-colored face and rear backing! Definitely a unique look for a Nintendo console with the Sea Green color, this one is a little harder to find than the red and blue versions. What do you think of it?

The Nintendo 2DS is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS and most Nintendo DS games, and provides access to the Nintendo eShop, with digital games, free demos, and special offers. You also get wireless connectivity for multiplayer and co-op play.

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Nintendo has this week announced that a new Nintendo 2DS Sea Green handheld console will be available to purchase in the US from June 6th, 2014 priced at $129.99.

Nintendo Nintendo 2DS Sea Green (Includes Mario Kart 7)

Nintendo FTRSMM11 Nintendo FTRSMM11 Nintendo 2ds Sea Green W Mario